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Name:Jax Emanuel Alvarez
Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:▲ Dream Like New York

Jax Emanuel Alvarez and his big sister two years his senior, Destina, had a rough childhood and were never seen to be destined for great things. Their father was a repeat offender of break and enters or drug dealing and spent his life in an out of prison. He was a huge error of judgement on the part of their mother, who was a nurse struggling to make ends meet and growing up The Bronx of New York. She always wanted to be a nurse and worked her ass off as a nurse's aid to pay her way through community college. Falling in love with Jax and Destina's father was one of many errors of judgement the young girl made, and Destina was born when she was only 17 years old. Her parents stepped up and helped her with the baby when the father was once again thrown in prison. Just over a year later when he was released on good behaviour, she screwed up again, and that's when Jax was on the way.

Life was never easy, and both Destina and Jax had to learn how to protect themselves and fight from a young age just for survival. Life was just always a struggle for them with little money until they were old enough to earn for themselves. Jax learned to be pretty street-smart from a young age, hanging out with the wrong crowds, starting smoking at 13 and within a year he was no longer a virgin. He was in bars from about 16 with fake IDs and it was how he got his first gig with a band drumming. His mom had bought him his first drum kid that she saved for months for when he was ten years old just in hopes it might keep him out of trouble. He loved it and dreamt of playing professionally one day for a huge rockstar.

Life was never as peachy as his dreams, though. He ended up nearly getting killed when he was 17 when he was knifed during a bar brawl that broke out during one of his gigs. He recovered, but now has a massive scar across his abdomen to remind him of how close he brushed to death. It was a wake-up call for him, however, and after that he was determined to make a better life for himself so he could take care of his mom and big sister.

It was during his final couple of years of high school that Jax got more adventurous with his sexuality and started a relationship with Mitchell Bryant, the Quarterback for the football team at their school and one of the only out guys there. Jax more just struck up the connection because he could and he was curious, but he never thought it was any more than bi-curiosity because he hooked Mitch's attention and wanted to toy with it. He never anticipated falling in love though, but he did, and realised he had to be bi. He and Mitchell lasted three years together, despite having an initially open relationship because Jax still wanted to fuck chicks. He gave that up when the romance got more serious, though it crashed and burned when Mitchell enlisted in the army and was posted to Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Jax had no interested in anything long-distance, but he tried for Mitch's sake. It didn't work. Jax cheated on Mitch pretty epically and didn't tell him for three months. When he confessed, Mitch came back with the news he had been deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. They broke up, and Jax fell right back into his slutty ways, sleeping around with whatever took his fancy.

Jax is a typical bad boy type, though he has a big heart and never fell into crime or hard drugs. He has tattoos, smokes, rides a motorcycle and until recently, was a drummer for a small-time rock band that played around New York. He hasn't had a serious relationship since Mitch, who is now on his third deployment and they haven't been in touch since they broke up, though Jax has an awareness he won't acknowledge that Destina kept in touch with him. Jax started working as a motorcycle mechanic with business owned by Kevin Lawson, who had wanted to branch his business out to repairing motorcycles but in an odd turn of events, he found he didn't particularly enjoy it and he left the job.

He and Kevin remained good friends, but instead, he enrolled in a Phlebotomy course with the City University of New York to become a qualified phlebotomist and scored a part-time job as a blood collector with Mount Sinai Hospital. It gave him the opening to still pursue his drumming, which is what led to him being personally scoped out by New York popstar, Angel Shaw, who was casually in the audience at a bar show with his twin one night. Angel approached Jax after the showed and offered him an offer he couldn't refuse to be the permanent drummer with his band for the tour that would be happening within the next year. Jax couldn't believe it, but it turned out to be the most amazing experience of his life. He is now back in New York and still working with Angel's band and resumed his job at the hospital, and living the carefree life now money isn't much of an issue for him.

Jax Alvarez is an Original Character for the musebox PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. For RP and muse purposes only. No infringement intended. His PB is Taylor Lautner, with no affiliation to Tyler himself.

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